AAI Junior Executive Syllabus 2023 and Exam Pattern PDF


AAI Junior Executive Syllabus 2023

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has released the syllabus and exam pattern for the AAI Junior Executive Recruitment 2023. This highly anticipated announcement has created a buzz among aspiring candidates looking to secure a position in the prestigious organization. The recruitment is being conducted for multiple posts, including Junior Executive in the Common Cadre, Finance, Fire Service, and Law departments. Candidate should know about AAI Junior Executive Syllabus 2023 and exam pattern in detail.

AAI Junior Executive Syllabus 2023-Overview

The AAI Junior Executive Syllabus 2023 covers multiple subjects, ensuring that candidates are well-versed in the necessary topics for the respective posts. The exam will be conducted in an online mode, and candidates should be aware of the marking scheme, which awards one mark for each correct answer and does not have any negative marking. The selection process involves an online examination, followed by Application Verification/Computer Literacy Test/Physical Measurement & Endurance Test/Driving Test, depending on the post applied for.

AAI Junior Executive Syllabus 2023
Organisation Airports Authority of India (AAI)
Posts Junior Executive (Common Cadre, Finance, Fire Service, Law)
Category Syllabus & Exam Pattern
Mode of Exam Online
Marking Scheme 1 mark each
Negative Marking No
Selection Process Online examination, Application Verification / Computer Literacy Test/ Physical Measurement & Endurance Test/ Driving Test, as applicable for the post.
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AAI Junior Executive Exam Pattern

The AAI Junior Executive Exam Pattern 2023 is divided into two parts: Part A and Part B. Part A includes four sections, each focusing on different aspects, while Part B is dedicated to subject-specific questions. Here is a tabulated representation of the exam pattern:

Section Subject No. of Questions Marks Duration
Part A English Language 20 20 120 mins
General Intelligence/Reasoning 15 15
General Aptitude/Numerical Aptitude 15 15
General Knowledge/Awareness 10 10
Part B Mathematics 60 60
Total 120 120 120 mins

AAI Junior Executive Common Cadre Syllabus for Paper 1

Part A of the AAI Recruitment 2023 consists of four sections that evaluate different aspects of the candidates’ abilities. Let’s explore each section in detail:

  • English Language: Assessing language proficiency, vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension.
  • General Intelligence/Reasoning: Evaluating logical reasoning and analytical abilities.
  • General Aptitude/Numerical Aptitude: Testing numerical and mathematical skills.
  • General Knowledge/Awareness: Assessing knowledge of current affairs and general topics.
  • Each section carries equal weightage.
  • English Language: 20 marks, General Intelligence/Reasoning: 15 marks.
  • General Aptitude/Numerical Aptitude: 15 marks, General Knowledge/Awareness: 10 marks.
  • Time-bound exam, candidates need efficient time management.
  • Focus on language skills, reasoning, and mathematical aptitude.
  • Practice sample questions, solve previous papers, and take mock tests for better preparation.

AAI Junior Executive Syllabus for the English Language

This section aims to assess the candidates’ proficiency in the English language. It includes questions that test their vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension skills. The questions may cover synonyms, antonyms, fill in the blanks, error spotting, sentence rearrangement, and reading passages. Candidates need to demonstrate their understanding of English language rules, usage, and comprehension abilities to perform well in this section.

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Cloze Test
  3. Detection of Errors
  4. Improving Sentences and paragraphs
  5. Completion of paragraphs
  6. Para jumbling
  7. Fill in the blanks
  8. Parts of speech
  9. Modes of narration
  10. Prepositions
  11. Voice Change

AAI Junior Executive Syllabus for Reasoning Ability

This section evaluates the candidates’ logical reasoning and analytical skills. It includes questions related to analogy, coding-decoding, number series, blood relations, syllogism, directions & distances, and non-verbal reasoning. The questions are designed to assess the candidates’ ability to think critically, draw inferences, and solve problems using logical reasoning.

  1. Seating Arrangement,
  2. Syllogism,
  3. Blood Relations,
  4. Puzzles,
  5. Inequalities,
  6. Input-Output,
  7. Coding-Decoding
  8. Data Sufficiency,
  9. Order and Ranking,
  10. Alphanumeric Series,
  11. Distance and Direction,
  12. Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning

AAI Junior Executive Syllabus for General Aptitude/Numerical Aptitude

The General Aptitude section tests the candidates’ numerical and mathematical abilities. It covers topics such as simplification, approximation, number system, time, speed & distance, ratio & proportion, percentages, profit & loss, data interpretation, and mensuration. Candidates need to be proficient in basic arithmetic and mathematical concepts to answer the questions accurately.

  1. Data Interpretation
  2. Area & Volume
  3. SI & CI
  4. Time, Speed, Distance
  5. Time & Work
  6. Ratio & Proportion
  7. Profit & Loss
  8. Percentages
  9. Averages
  10. Numbers

AAI Junior Executive Syllabus for General Knowledge

This section evaluates the candidates’ awareness of current affairs and general knowledge. Questions may cover national and international events, Indian history and culture, geography (Indian and world), general science, Indian polity and constitution, economics and finance, and sports. Candidates are expected to be updated with current affairs and have a good understanding of general knowledge topics.

  1. National and International Affairs
  2. Current Affairs
  3. Important Headquarters and their organizations
  4. Books & Authors
  5. Awards
  6. Countries & Capitals
  7. Currencies and Capitals
  8. Sports and Entertainment
  9. Government Rules and Schemes
  10. Economy

AAI Junior Executive Common Cadre Syllabus for Paper 2

AAI Junior Executive Common Cadre Syllabus for Paper 2 (Finance, Fire Service, Law): The syllabus for Paper 2 is subject-specific and will vary for each post.

AAI Junior Executive Syllabus for Paper 2
Subject Topics
AAI Junior Executive Common Cadre Syllabus for Physics
  1. Electrostatics
  2. Mechanics
  3. Thermal Physics
  4. Moving Charges with Magnetism
  5. Modern Physics
  6. Waves and Optics
  7. Scalars and Vectors
  8. Electricity
  9. Miscellaneous
AAI Junior Executive Common Cadre Syllabus for Maths
  1. Binomial Theorem
  2. Quadratic Equations
  3. Straight Lines
  4. Differential Equations
  5. Integral (Definite & Indefinite)
  6. Maxima & Minima
  7. Differentiation
  8. Limits
  9. Matrices
  10. Probability

AAI Junior Executive Common Cadre Syllabus for Physics

AAI Junior Executive Syllabus for Paper 2 – Common Cadre (Physics)

  1. Electrostatics: This topic deals with the study of electric charges at rest and the behavior of electric fields and forces.
  2. Mechanics: Mechanics involves the study of motion, forces, and energy, covering topics such as kinematics, dynamics, and Newton’s laws of motion.
  3. Thermal Physics: This area explores the principles of heat, temperature, and thermodynamics, focusing on concepts like heat transfer and laws of thermodynamics.
  4. Moving Charges with Magnetism: This topic delves into the interaction between moving charges and magnetic fields, introducing concepts like electromagnetic induction.
  5. Modern Physics: Modern Physics deals with the understanding of quantum mechanics, relativity, and atomic and nuclear physics.
  6. Waves and Optics: This section covers wave phenomena and the behavior of light, including topics like interference, diffraction, and optical instruments.
  7. Scalars and Vectors: Scalars represent magnitude, while vectors have both magnitude and direction. This topic explores their properties and applications.
  8. Electricity: Electricity focuses on electric circuits, Ohm’s law, and electrical power, among other relevant concepts.
  9. Miscellaneous: This includes various additional topics related to physics that may be relevant for the AAI Junior Executive Paper 2.

AAI Junior Executive Syllabus for Paper 2 – Common Cadre (Mathematics)

  1. Binomial Theorem: This section deals with the expansion of binomial expressions and their properties.
  2. Quadratic Equations: It involves solving and analyzing quadratic equations and their roots.
  3. Straight Lines: This topic explores the properties of straight lines and their equations.
  4. Differential Equations: Differential equations involve the study of functions and their derivatives.
  5. Integral (Definite & Indefinite): Integrals are used to calculate areas under curves and to find antiderivatives.
  6. Maxima & Minima: This section deals with finding maximum and minimum values of functions.
  7. Differentiation: Differentiation involves finding derivatives and slope of functions.
  8. Limits: Limits are used to determine the behavior of functions as the input approaches a particular value.
  9. Matrices: Matrices are arrays of numbers, and this topic explores their properties and operations.
  10. Probability: Probability deals with the study of likelihood and uncertainty in events.

For Paper 2 of AAI Junior Executive, candidates should thoroughly cover these topics under the Common Cadre syllabus for Mathematics. Regular practice and a solid understanding of these concepts will aid in achieving success in the examination.

Candidates must dedicate sufficient time to prepare for each subject, focusing on their strengths and weaknesses. Practicing previous year’s question papers and taking mock tests can prove immensely beneficial in understanding the exam pattern and enhancing time management skills.

AAI Junior Executive Syllabus 2023 PDF Download

The AAI Junior Executive Syllabus 2023 and Exam Pattern PDFs are vital resources for candidates preparing for the AAI Junior Executive Exam. The syllabus outlines subjects like English, Reasoning, Aptitude, and General Knowledge, along with Paper 2 topics. The Exam Pattern PDF provides insights into question distribution and marking. Utilizing these PDFs will help candidates plan their preparation effectively and enhance their chances of success in the AAI Junior Executive Exam 2023

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